A year of Rangers in pictures: 2014

I’m not sure what the girls will want to do in 2015, but this what they got up to in 2014…not including a trip to Gang Show, looking at the Love Fashion, Hate Sweatshops campaign and writing letters to an Australian Ranger group.


A year of Guides in pictures: 2014

So as 2015 begins and we will be meeting as leaders on Monday before school starts back, here’s our year of Guides in pictures!

Ending the year with fire

Well, the school holidays have officially begun, and there’ll be no more Girlguiding meetings until August when a new school year begins. A tradition I’ve introduced to our Guide unit (and now our Senior Section have told me they’d like to be a tradition with them too) is to have a campfire at the Trefoil campsite near the end of term. Our Guides one went really well – it was a gorgeous sunny night, but as I came home from work to get ready for the Senior Section one this was the view from my bus…


Our Senior Section group said they’d like to have their own campfire, and we encouraged other Senior Section members who don’t come to our group to join us. A couple of our group are currently on a school music tour in Belgium (as are a few of my Guides…hoping they get to interact with one another in a positive way while on that trip) so there were only 5 girls there. We thought it might end up being just us, but a new District Commissioner and four of her young leaders – two of which have been to our group before – arrived.

We introduced each other, got talking, collected wood and built a fire.


Our fire was cracking! And we toasted marshmallows on it.

We then decided to sing some campfire songs, and had a laugh as we taught them to each other and the different variations we had learned. Learning campfire songs is a bit like playing Chinese whispers!

We also laughed as the request for ‘Singing in the Rain’ came (with the actions and ridiculousness it brings) and Jenny declared “I don’t know this one”. Then as soon as we started singing exclaimed “OH!! It’s just Singing in the Rain” and laughed hysterically for about two full minutes.

At the end of the night Jenny and our Young Leader turned Adult Leader in Training from Guides (also a Senior Section member) made their promise as Adult members, and our newest Senior Section member made her promise as a member of Senior Section.

Knowing I blog here, those who wanted to jumped in for a ‘Campfire Selfie’ they said I could use for this post. We’ve had a great year. I finish my job on Monday (I got made redundant as the trustees have decided to close the charity I work for) and without another job to go to yet (anyone want to employ me?) I’ll be taking the time to investigate some requests and wishes the girls have given me to see how we can make it happen over the next year.

Campfire selfie

Thanks ladies for another AWESOME year! It’s been a blast and here’s to making 2014/15 even better than the last two!

Campfire Sunday: On My Honour

This is possibly one of my favourite guiding songs. For me it speaks of the tradition of Guiding, the promise and law that may have evolved in the last 100 years, but the principles remain the same. I hope they remain that way forever and that future generations of Girlguiding and Girl Scouts around the world remember our Guiding ancestors that came before us and the example they set before us of friendship, peace and service to the community.

This is usually one I do near the end of a campfire.

On my honour

On my honour, I will try
There’s a duty to be done and I say aye
There’s a reason here for a reason above
My honour is to try and my duty is love

People don’t need to know my name
If I do any harm, then I’m to blame
When I help another, I help me
If I’ve opened up my eyes to see

I’ve tucked away a song or two
If you’re feeling low, there’s one for you
When you need a friend, then I will come
There are many more where I come from

Come with me where a fire burns bright
We can even see better in a candle’s light
But we find more meaning in a campfire’s glow
Than we’d ever learn in a year or so

We’ve made a promise to always keep
And the day is done before we sleep
We’ll be Girl Guides together and when we’re gone
We’ll still be trying and singing this song

This is isn’t quite how I sing it, but it’s the closest version I could find that wasn’t really horrendous to listen to on YouTube!

A year of Guides in pictures…

So we got up to a lot in Guides this year on a very tight budget after they really hiked up the price of Census in our area! There are many more photos the girls have in their scrapbooks but here’s a taste of this last year in Guides..