My Guiding Timeline

I’ve been part of Girlguiding on and off for 24 years, and below is a brief history of my time in Girlguiding so far:

1990 – joined The Guide Association (as it was then known!) as a Rainbow in Edinburgh

1991 – joined the Brownies – I was a member of the Pixies, and eventually became their Sixer.

1994 – joined the Guides where I became a member of the Chaffinch Patrol, and went on my first Guide Camp.

1995 – transferred to a different unit near to the high school I was going to be headed to, thanks to a new neighbour who turns out to be a Guider.  I eventually became Patrol leader of the Thistle Patrol, and got to go on Division camps twice a year.

1998 – became a young leader with the local Brownie Pack

2000 – achieved my Baden-Powell Award with two of my friends, left Guides and became a trainee Guider with another Guide Unit after the Brownie Unit closed down. Also became a Ranger after meeting some other Rangers on the Lothian Timetrail Camp.

2001 – moved to Aberdeen to go to university and became a trainee Guider with a Brownie Pack but kept in touch and part of the Ranger unit from a distance – thanks to our amazing Ranger leader!

2002 – left Girlguiding being unable to get to the Brownie Pack each week, not being offered an alternative place to volunteer that was closer to where I lived and our Ranger Unit folded after our leader moved abroad.

2003-2007 – thanks to my experience as a Brownie & Guide leader, I got a job as a Youth Advice Worker with Aberdeen City Council when I was only 19 which led to be switching from a Geography degree to a Health Promotion degree. In 2006,  Graduated university, got a temporary contract as a Community Learning Worker with Aberdeenshire Council.

2007 –2010 – After a month travelling in Australia, I moved back to Edinburgh and started working for a local charity, as well as volunteering with my church’s youth mentoring programme.

2010 – meet a team from Girlguiding Edinburgh at a university fresher’s fair I was working at…which got me thinking…

2011 – re-joined Girlguiding as a trainee leader with a local Guide unit after the new school year began. 4 months later five Guides approached me saying they feel too old for Guides but wanted to know what else they can do.

2012 – After discovering there was no Ranger unit in our Division, I pestered our Division Commissioner to let me start a Senior Section unit. I did this with a new volunteer to Girlguiding in our area and started my Leadership Qualification. Realising many new volunteers are wanting to join to make new friends  in the local area, I started trying to come up with ways for adult leaders to socialise outside of running Rainbow/Brownie/Guide/Senior Section meetings.

2013 – Inspired by the girls, I successfully applied to do my postgraduate qualification in Community Learning and Development – part-time so I could continue working and volunteering with Girlguiding! 🙂 Asked to be a Media Ambassador for Girlguiding UK after my posts about the new Guide Promise.

2014 – Complete my Girlguiding Leadership Qualification for Guides & Senior Section. First Rangers complete their Chief Guide Award qualifications.

2015 – Start a second sub-group attached to our Senior Section Unit. Awarded my Girlguiding Leadership Qualification (Guides and Senior Section).

2017 – Have to close our Senior Section unit 😦 First Young Leaders completed their YLQs.

2018 – Become a Division Young Leader Advisor


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