Rangers learn some life skills

You may remember at the start of the year, I asked the lovely ladies of our Senior Section what they would like to learn before they leave their parents home. There were a few skills that they wanted to learn – and one of them was laundry.

There is no washing machine where we meet, so we had to get a little creative…


And so I brought down a pile of mixed (clean) laundry belonging to members of my family. And yes people, it included some (old) bras. I queried the appropriateness of that, but in the end I figured that the majority of women wear them, and it’s not always obvious how to care for them. Especially if they are underwired or have lace. So yes…we did discuss handwashing and ‘delicates’. Not all the girls arrived at the start of the meeting on time (a current ‘challenge’ this year for me as a leader) otherwise I would have split the girls into teams and had them sort out the laundry into loads, what setting they would put for the washing machine, how much laundry detergent etc.  I also found this helpful print out on Love Your Clothes website about clothing care labels and what each of the symbols mean which all the girls asked if they could keep a copy of.


Although most of the girls can bake and some can cook, many of the girls confessed to not really knowing or ever having done some basic things they felt all ‘grown ups’ should know. These were boiling potatoes and boiling eggs. So…we got some new potatoes, some saucepans (again our meeting place’s kitchen is not very well equipped for cooking), some eggs and I brought down my old Student Cookbook (which is where I finally learned at the age of 29 how to make scrambled eggs which don’t look like yellowy grey bits of rubber – no one had explained that I needed to cook them on a super low heat!). And I just sat back and made sure no one did anything life threatening.

They’ve also requested to have a night at someone’s house to cook a full proper meal that isn’t pasta. Not going to lie, I’m a terrible cook (I’d like to blame it on the anti social hours of 16 years working in youth work, retail and community education where I usually don’t have time to spend an hour cooking) so I may need to call in some friendly reinforcements to share their skills so I don’t pass on my culinary ineptitude to the girls!



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