Happy 2017!

Happy New (calendar) Year! Just to say, yes I am still alive and guiding. Last term was a tough one, with more Guides, less leaders and officially being the only Senior Section leader now. Somehow we muddled through and have lived to tell the tale. Fingers crossed we have a new volunteer starting with us at Guides this term, and I don’t have any new Senior Section girls starting – and the Senior Section crew have mostly got their term plan already sorted which makes things a little easier. img_7472

This term is all about keeping momentum going, getting all the new Guides working on pre-promise activities (we failed on that front last term) and supporting our three Young Leaders to complete as much of their Young Leadership Qualification as possible before their exams start after Easter.

Phew! Such a lot of stuff to do!


2 thoughts on “Happy 2017!

  1. It’s okay – there’s no such thing as pre-Promise activities in the Guide section, and haven’t been for a long while – they were abolished over a decade ago. So long as you do occasional Promise-related activities with the whole unit, and the girls know they can make their Promise whenever they personally feel ready to take on the challenge of trying to live by it, your job is done.

    • I know the Pre-Promise Challenges that us 90s Guides used to have to do have now been abolished. But I think it’s important to do activities to help new members (and older members) of the unit understand the Guide Promise and Law before they decide if they want to make it – as you say so the girls feel ready to take on the challenge of trying their best to live by it. We usually do this every term, but didn’t last term as we got caught up in other things and we had more girls and less leaders! Learning together to juggle new routines and how we can fit our guiding commitments into them to make sure our girls get all the learning opportunities they should through the programme…we succeeded in some areas, but this is one area we want to make sure we make time to focus on this term. Hope that makes more sense! 🙂

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