A new generation of Guides learn First Aid…

The Guide First Aid badge needs to be renewed every two years for the Guides to retain their award. It was coming up for two years since we last did it in our unit, and so with many members requesting to learn we contacted our friend, Stefan who works for a first aid and occupational health company called Albacare.

Last time the Guides had some volunteers from British Red Cross, but sadly their funding no longer allows them to come into units for free. We are very lucky that Stefan, who is an experienced First Aider and trains the Scottish Ambulance Service (amongst others) is willing to offer his time and resources for free.

Over the last two sessions the Guides have learned about first response, guided defibrillators and some that we know are in buildings in the local area, CPR, cuts, wounds, shock, bandaging, contents of first aid kits… many of the Guides are on their P7 camp next week so we are having a week off First Aid, and then will resume for two more weeks to enable Stefan to teach them everything they need to know for the badge.

It’s also giving a little chance for us to help the Young Leaders with their YLQ, as with only 2 adult leaders, 1 unit helper and a full unit with increasing waiting list…it’s hard to find the time in meetings to get everything accomplished.

I’m also super happy that this year on Remembrance Sunday no first aid was required! Hurrah!



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