Teambuilding Games…

Animal Farm

You will need: Cards with pictures of farmyard animals

Each person takes a card which will have a picture of a farmyard animal (e.g. pig, cow, sheep, cockerel). They then have to make the noise of that animal and find their fellow animals to make a group. This can be used as a way of getting them into teams to play a teambuilding game.


Spaghetti Architects

You will need: A pack of spaghetti, a pack of marshmallows for each team

Split your group into small teams. The idea is that with the spaghetti and marshmallows they must build the most stable and tallest tower they can. Everyone has the same amount of time to do it, and the leaders will then judge towers on stability and height to see who is the winning team.


Cups and Downs

You will need: 20+ nonbreakable cups*

Place 20 or more cups in the middle of the room, put half of them upside down and the other half the right way up. Divide the group into 2 teams and give each team a name (ie ups or downs) – the ‘up’ team needs to turn as many cups up the right way as possible, and the ‘down’ team needs to flip them upside down. When the allocated time limit is over, count all the cups and whichever team has the most turned up their way wins.

*reusable plastic ones tend to work best


Wizards, Giants and Goblins

This is basically a fun group version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

You will need: An open space

Divide the class into two teams. Tell the teams to go on either side of “the stage”. They line up on two sides of the room facing each other. Each team secretly decides if they are going to be Wizards, Giants or Goblins.

The leader counts 1, 2, 3. On each number the groups takes one step forward. On “3” they take up the position of the character the group has decided on:
• Wizards: lean forward throwing their arms forward as if casting a spell and say “Shazzam”
• Giants: put both hands above their head, stretching up really tall and say “Ho, ho ho!”
• Goblins: crouch down, put their hands up to their face as if scratching their beards and make a high pitch laugh.

Giants beat Wizards, Wizards beat Goblins and Goblins beat Giants.

The losing team must run back to their side of the room. The winning team try to “tag” as many of the losing team as possible before they get home. The captives now become part of their captors’ team. Continue until one team has captured everyone for their team and wins.


Hula Hoop Race

You will need: Two hula hoops

Your group will be split into two equal teams. Each team forms a circle holding hands and is given a hula hoop. One pair lets go and has a hoop placed over one arm before joining hands again. The team has to work together to move the hula hoop round the circle by stepping into it and pulling it over their heads without any person letting go of the hand they are holding. The team that manages to get the hoop around the circle first, wins.

You can if you want make the challenge more difficult by changing direction and sending the hoop back around the circle in the opposite direction.


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