Guides visit Pets At Home

One of the benefits about being in an urban Guide unit, is that lots of businesses who have partnerships with Girlguiding UK have branches close by. This makes up for our lack of access to be able to do some of the outdoor skills that we are losing.

Earlier this year, we were able to go to Krispy Kreme and this term we went on a trip to Pets At Home where they offer visits to Girlguiding and Scout Association groups free of charge and they can learn from the staff about animal care and animal handling. A member of staff took our Guides and introduced them to a very friendly lionhead bunny that we nicknamed Simba. All the Guides and our Young Leaders got a turn in holding the bunny, but when one of our Guides got very freaked out at the idea of holding and touching the rabbit, I got to hold it and I’m proud to stay that she conquered her fear with encouragement of her fellow Guides and she did stroke the bunny  while it was in my arms. And the Guides then took this photo (as I’d taken a picture with each of them with “Simba”).


I think that the staff member had a presentation plan, but never really got to keep to it as all our Guides had so many questions and stories about their relatives and friends with pet rabbits. We were also given an extra visit by one of the manager’s pets. A beautiful golden retriever called Callie.


It may be we go back to Pets At Home for a second visit at some point as several of our Guides had a dance show so missed the trip. Plus I think there was more to experience, and it would be good to give the girls a chance to tie this in with the Animal Active Go For It.


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