The Promise Tree Booklet

So a few people have asked about the Promise Tree. With our first group of Rangers, we did a big joint one – there were only 5 girls so this was relatively easy. However, now we have a situation where I have bigger group, and sometimes when it’s only one or two new girls joining we don’t want to do an activity that as one large group.


Last year, I found a craft on Pintrest that was aimed at learning about four seasons. I’ve adapted this to make it into a Promise Tree for individuals girls to make.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the girls’ beautifully decorated and lettered tree booklets, so I’ve quickly made my own basic version to give you an idea of how it works. Forgive me, arts and crafts is NOT my forte!

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half, and draw half a tree. Then cut it out to make one whole tree.IMG_6762
  2. Use your first tree to be a template to draw and cut out two more identical treesIMG_6763
  3. You should then have three identical blank trees.IMG_6764
  4.  Put them together and staple them in the middle of the fold to make a booklet.IMG_6765
  5. Each page of the booklet can be used for each line of the Guide Promise. I usually make the trunk the line of the promise, and then say to the girls to make leaves with how they can apply that promise in their own lives. Essentially it is about what keeping the promise means to them.IMG_6768
  6. You can then decorate the front and back cover to make it more tree like. At the time we used stamp pens, glitter glue and all the stuff our “teenage Brownies” like to break out when crafting! IMG_6766

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