Patrol Leaders Council

One of the great things about having volunteers going through leadership qualifications is that you get new ideas, reminded of old ideas and challenged about where you can improve on how you run your girlguiding programme.

We have two young leaders going through their Young Leadership Qualification, and one of the sections talked about how they need to include Guides in running of the unit and having a Patrol Leaders Council.

The PLC is not something I experienced as a Guide (despite it being in both my Guide Handbooks) and not something we’ve really done before. We for sure always include the girls in planning – the patrols choose their own Go For Its, and we regularly ask them for ideas of how they want meetings to be and what they’d like to do. However because our unit has often been on the smaller side, it’s been more of a Brownie Pow Wow style than a PLC.

This term, we decided to get the girls to discuss in their patrols what feedback they wanted to give us leaders about what we do in the unit, ideas for things they wanted to do and then told them their Patrol Leaders would be representing them in a meeting with the leaders. While a few leaders ran a game, one of us with the two Young Leaders spoke with the Patrol leaders – not just to get feedback from their patrols, but also to find out from them how they were finding being in leadership and how we could support them in facing some of the challenges that responsibility was giving them.

It is definitely something we need to do more regularly and put into our planning as it was such a useful exercise. Why haven’t we been doing this?!

The Patrol Leaders came up with an idea that surprised us (more on that in a future post!). The Guides want to work on some interest badges throughout the next couple of terms, so we will have a lot to talk about at our leaders planning meeting next week when the schools are off (again).



2 thoughts on “Patrol Leaders Council

  1. “Why haven’t we been doing this?!”
    Haha, we thought the same thing recently! Our unit is quite small too, but last term we really started introducing PLC’s and PL responsibilities. It’s amazing what they tell you and what they can do when we give the Guides the chance – and it’s amazing what we can learn from them too!

  2. This is something we need to do more of too… its hard to find the time, but then its also something we probably need to MAKE the time for. Unfortunately its one of those things where its so easy to be put off from the occasions where it doesn’t work!

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