Senior Section’s Community Knitting group


Last term, when I asked our wee Senior Section group what they’d like to do, First Aid and learn to knit were two of the items on their list. Once we got the First Aid down (complete with defibrillator training) my lovely knitting expert friend came in with her newborn, their wool orders, knitting needles and the girls and I learned how to knit scarves.


Learning to Knit

We got our wool from a website called Wool Warehouse, and my friend deliberately chose thicker wool and needles so the scarves would be quicker to knit and they would see results faster. We got each member a set of needles and three balls of wool to knit a basic scarf.

We had a couple of sessions – one of them with Christmas music, a Division Commissioner visit and chocolates. My friend then returned to teach them how to pearl stitch so they could do something with a mixed texture.

One member in particular has really caught the knitting bug, and I think has completed three scarves already.


It’s a great thing to learn for part of your Creativity or Independent Living octant.


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