Mood and Inspiration Boards…

…because I’m not sure what else to call them. My poor Guides and Rangers, they’ve been given a leader who is not in the least bit crafty. Our teeny group that started last year are gradually getting into the swing of the Senior Section life, and doing the Octant Beetle (thank you again for sharing that gem of an idea K-ville!) has helped them plan better as it has given them ideas. No longer do I feel like everything needs to come from me. I was starting to tire again, as my two assistant leaders who alternate both had to cancel on the meetings again not to mention girls being ill and stuck at home stressed out revising for their mock exams. Senior Section leadership can be a lonely business at times.

Cue our last week before the half-term holiday, when we decided to do one of the ideas that one of our newer members came up with on the octant beetle. “Make mood boards”. They had to explain what this was, but I thought it was totally doable, and so I told the girls to bring in what they liked, our new leader in training bought foam boards from the art collage shop and dropped them off at my house and I went to The Works and picked up anything I thought might be useful for the girls to use. I also let the girls use my new Sharpie markers I got on sale in January. They very kindly took great care in making sure they remained in their colour order (they know my OCD well! Ha ha!)


Two of the other group had heard what we were up to, and one of our older members who hasn’t been able to come to regular meetings but always keeps in touch came along for the evening. A local mentoring coordinator stepped in to cover for our assistant leader who was stuck at work, and I was thankful that we got enough foam boards so all the girls there had one each. Usually I join in with whatever the girls want to do, but on this night I was happy to watch the girls and chat with them as they worked on their boards. There was a lot of reminiscing of old trips and activities, chats about working and university. One of our girls announced triumphantly that she’s accepted an offer for a local university “so it means I’ll be able to come next year!”



Some girls went for the mood boards of deciding how to decorate their rooms, others went for more of a collage about the things they love, others Senior Section friends memories and some with an inspirational motivation with quotes and pictures.

I kinda want to make one myself!!

All in all, the boards which were about A3 size cost 90p each, and I got craft pegs, superglue, glue dots, double sided sticky foam tape/pads, pom pom string, adhesive fabric rolls, white, black, metallic and coloured card, little chalkboard accessories, craft flowers and a bunch of other random stuff for about £25 – we’ve still got a lot left that we’ve kept for future crafty activities!


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