Making pennies while kitting out your unit


Sale or Return Orders…

So I don’t know if all Girlguiding shops do this, but the Edinburgh one does.

Basically you can do what is called a ‘Sale or Return Order’. The idea is you can order things to be delivered to an address or for pick up on a certain date from trading via your local Guide shop. You can then sell these items onto your volunteers and Rainbows/Brownies/Guides/Senior Section and then return what is not sold. If you sell £25 or more of merchandise, you get 10% of what is sold donated back to your unit.

I’ve done this with Senior Section for over a year, and recently did it for our Guides since we had 9 new Guides this year and we got our neckers (so I knew a lot of us would want to get woggles for them).

The first time for Guides I found difficult as I had no clue what sizes the girls would be and the parents didn’t either. Now having done it once, I have an idea of what sizes seem to work best and will know to do the order accordingly.

It is definitely worth doing as I truly believe that ‘every penny counts’ when it comes to raising funds for your unit.

To find the contact details of your nearest Girlguiding Shop click here

To find out more about Girlguiding Scotland’s Sale or Return scheme click here.


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