Guides on the Ice…

Last year, we broke the rule on never going ice skating again (after years ago when a Guide apparently broke her arm on an ice skating trip) because the Guides asked to do it. Our city’s ice rink isn’t open to the public when we meet, but every Christmas there are two outdoor ice rinks in the city centre.

This year the girls begged for us to do the trip again this year. Originally we had planned for the new Guides (at the time there were 8) to make their Promise with sparklers on the closest night to Guy Fawkes Night. But in the end all of them weren’t there the week before due to a school hallowe’en party, and we didn’t feel they’d done enough to really understand the promise they were making. So we asked if they’d like to do the Promise at the hall on another night or if they’d like to wait until our ice skating trip.


New Guides make Promise at outdoor ice rink

…the ice rink. About 15 minutes in we gathered our whole unit in one corner of the ice rink (members of the public already amused by the sight of us blue and red ‘Bambis on ice’) and gathered our now 9 new Guides and the already enrolled Guides and altogether made the promise. It was a really cool moment. Not least of which the miracle that no one fell over on the ice in the process.

We ended the night with one of our new Guides accidentally slide tackling our Assistant Leader in training as she tried to get off the ice at the end of the session. One minute she was next to me, the next she was somehow lying on the ice and Lindsay was taken down a milisecond after. And then others trying to avoid the pile of Guides and Leaders on the rink as they tried to get off the rink too. We were all laughing so hard. One of my favourite things was seeing the girls cheering each other on, trying to help each other and when they fell, laughing and getting up smiling and continuing to do their best to stay upright on the ice. The girls that really struggled with their first time last year surprising themselves at being better this year – seeing that actually the more you practice, the better you get!

Definitely a ‘mountaintop’ moment.


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