Heart to Start and First Aid with Senior Section…


Two girls learning how to do CPR & use defibrilators

When our newer subgroup of Senior Section started this term, they had three learning requests. One was to learn First Aid, the second to learn how to knit, the third to learn what the muslim faith is about as they were pretty sure the media portrayal wasn’t accurate and wanted understand more about it. We have managed to accomplish two out of three.

A generous local gave a donation to our Guide unit earlier this year and came along to the Guides’ Free Being Me exhibition. We got talking about what Guides and Senior Section do, and I had mentioned about us getting funding to learn First Aid. He gave me the contact for a friend of his who is a trainer with Albacare. . This man turned out to be just as generous – and for three evenings he came to our meetings, to do the British Heart Foundation’s Heart to Start course, brought along dummies that helped train the girls in CPR, using Defibrallors, doing CPR on babies and dealing with choking in children, babies and adults. Due to an incident that happened in a Scottish high school on the day of one of our meetings, we also had a long discussion about dealing with stab wounds too.

Because they refused payment for their time and expenses, we gave our trainers gifts to say Thank you.

And we hope that we will be able to work with them again to train more people in our community in First Aid skills. Because First Aid really can save lives.



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