Proud Guider moment alert!

In the Summer of 2014, I had my first member of Senior Section to complete Phases 1 and 2 of all the Look Wider octants. I signed her book off, emailed County, she had to leave our group due to cutting down on commitments, and so we never got to celebrate. And that kinda sucked.

This summer, two more of our unit completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of everything, and as our County Secretary had left, I got put through to Girlguiding Scotland who gave me the forms and went into the Guide Shop to have an envelope pushed towards me containing this:

Other members of the unit decided we should have a celebration with an ‘Afternoon tea’ theme, I got in contact with the lady who had made us a cake for our first Baden-Powell party at Guides back in 2013, and our Leadership Qualification ‘Oscar’ party back in March to see if she’d make a Chief Guide cake!


We had Grannies, Mums, Dads and brothers, most of our Senior Section girls, the leaders of units the girls volunteer with as Young Leaders and our Division Commissioner. Sadly our two Assistant Leaders ended up not being able to make the evening, but was so grateful to our Guide leader who came along early and stayed late to help with set up and clear up.

Some of the Senior Section had made a ‘Pin the cherry on the cupcake for the occasion, and by request during our Penny Hike, I made up a Disney themed quiz. Our Division Commissioner baked scones, myself, several girls and one of the Brownie leaders made cakes and provided teapots and cake stands.


Even though it didn’t run exactly as planned due to a lack of help to set up (which was due to circumstances outwith our control), it was still (I hope) a good night, and an opportunity for the girls’ parents to see what they do as Senior Section members and for the girls to feel special and their accomplishments valued and celebrated. At least that was the aim!

They both got to go to the County reception for all the awards receivers (Baden Powell, Young Leadership, Chief Guide, Queen’s Guide etc) and once again our unit had the only Chief Guide receivers at the reception in our whole county. I’m hoping as other Senior Section units in Edinburgh are popping up and developing that our girls will be meeting other Senior Section members also receiving the same awards at the awards receptions soon!




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