We’re going on a penny hike…

This term one of the Senior Section groups wanted to do a scavenger hunt/treasure hunt. The only problem was that the girls who suggested it weren’t at the following meetings. Add a whole pile of schoolwork, exhausted, tired Rangers came who weren’t sure what the other girls meant and ended up chatting about other things…and nothing got planned. The following meeting, not many girls showed up, but I figured if they weren’t going to do a scavenger hunt, we were going outside so I suggested a short penny hike. IMG_6009

The idea is that you go outside, take a penny, decide if heads means left or right, and flip the coin…and you follow that direction. We actually had a lot of fun doing it. Everyone took turns flipping the coin, and groaned when the coin suggested turning a direction that meant walking further up the hill (most of Edinburgh sits on it’s seven hills, if you’ve visited our fair Auld Reekie, you’ll know that you find yourself walking up and down hills a lot!). Most of the units I’ve seen do this seem to be in more rural areas, we are in an urban setting. However there was a scream when one Ranger almost stepped on this guy…


He’s either a long way from the river or from someone’s garden pond!! We also spotted cats and a fox.

It was a good way to get the girls moving and us leaders too, and would love to do this in the summer months a bit further from our meeting place.


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