Minion Mayhem with the Guides

At the start of term, after we did a couple  of weeks of ‘Getting to Know You’ and teamwork games, we asked the Guides if they wanted to go straight into doing a Go For It in their patrols, or if they’d like to do a badge as a unit. We had a few options of Challenge Badges created by Girlguiding units that we had noticed that had been posted on the Challenge Pack facebook page recently and asked the unit to vote on it.

We secretly hoped they’d vote for the Super Sock Challenge, but Minion Mayhem got the most votes.

The challenge is split into five sections: Teamwork, Warning, Goggle Eyes, Banana and Bright Ideas.

Over the next few weeks the girls learned about Hazards helping our Assistant Leader in training do a risk assessment of the meeting place for her LQ. And created some posters that at closer examination after the meeting had us cracking up with the giggles


They created some ‘mocktails’, our new Young Leader set up an obstacle course which they led each other through while blindfolded (thank you Active Kids vouchers for the blindfolds!), did a teamwork game which she investigated and led all on her own


and the finale was everyone dressing up as minions. The girls faces when we opened the door to the hall and they realised we had dressed up too was quite funny. Let me tell you finding adult sized blue denim dungarees was a challenge in itself. As was finding a yellow shirt to wear! Though on my search, I ended up doing some volunteer recruitment with a shop assistant.


We didn’t just dress up ourselves that night either. No we were also dressing up bananas. It was meant to be a competition but we genuinely loved all of them so much. Why am I still so shocked by the girls’ creativity and imagination? You’d think that I wouldn’t be by now (especially after everything they did for their Free Being Me exhibition). But yep, these all made me smile in their different ways. Sorry you can’t see every single banana, but these are the only pics that don’t have the girls’ faces in them.


All in all, we’ve had a blast doing the badge and with 9 new Guides to add to our 7 Guides that have been with us for 1-4 years it’s been a really fun first half of the term. After the Tattie Holidays (October Half-term to the non-Scottish folk!) the newbies will be spending a couple of weeks looking at the Guide promise, the oldies will be updating their patrol scrapbooks to document the past year (since we forgot to make time for it last year – oops!) and then they’ll be getting into work in their new Patrols and two of our oldest Guides will be getting stuck into their Baden Powell work.

Thanks Lesmahagow Guides for putting this badge pack together! 🙂


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