Another year in pictures…

I was at the cinema with two of my fellow leaders last week, and on the car ride home J was surprised to realise we are about to go into our 4th year in Senior Section. For Guide unit I’m currently Assistant Leader for, it will be my 5th year with them – it was the summer of 2011 that I contacted Girlguiding Edinburgh about volunteering with them again after an almost nine year hiatus.

In a few weeks we will start a new school year. I can’t believe it was a year ago that I started back choked with the cold and having old members returning to us – I’m almost convinced it was just so they could chuck the buckets of ice and water over us leaders. 😉 So here is a year in the life of a Girlguiding volunteer…


3 thoughts on “Another year in pictures…

    • Yes. Our first night back (before the ice bucketing) we got them to bring phones and they led us on a walk taking pictures of what they considered the focal points of the community. They sent them to us or posted them on the closed facebook group so we could get them printed for the next meeting and then they made the map with them. Also got new, old and returning members chatting informally as we were walking too. It was based on one of the ideas in last year’s Summer or Autumn issue of Guiding magazine.

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