Gone to the beach!


It won’t be this beach…but it will be with the friend in the picture amongst others. I’m actually volunteering with another youth organisation for a week – I’m a bit nervous because it’s with a religious organisation, and though I’ve been a Christian for over a decade now, it’s a while since I did ‘Christian’ Youth Work. I will be doing it alongside friends from Christian Surfers UK who I know very well (having been on two family holidays with them) so I am looking forward to working together with them. Plus I might get to use my campfire building skills…thanks Girlguiding!

And of course, once I get back it will be time to do every leader’s favourite annual job: the ACCOUNTS. As my house got burgled earlier this year and the Senior Section unit’s petty cash got stolen during the burglary, I’m hoping it won’t be too problematic. But that’s going to be a new one for the ‘expenditure’ column!

With us already two weeks into the summer holidays (how did that happen already?!) the blogging will likely be diminishing over the summer, as I’m likely to be busy working extra shifts during the Edinburgh Festivals as well as *hopefully* hunting for some paid work in the Community Learning and Development sector once I know if I’ve passed my placement to get my Diploma to finally be qualified in the career path I’ve been on since I became a Youth Worker at 19. I’m still considering going back for a third year to do a Masters Research project on empowerment and youth work. (The tuition fees for postgraduate courses have been hiked up, so financially it may no longer be an option).

We shall see!

Hope you are all getting the chance for some R&R this summer before the new academic year begins…it won’t be too long before we begin the Senior Section Spectacular for the centenary of the Senior Section. Happy summer holidays to you all!