Icebreakers: Girlguiding Bingo

As this term comes to an end, I’m sure some of you will have new members coming up to your section after the Easter Holidays. In January, I had a brand new group of Senior Section girls that meets on a different night from the original group to extend the opportunities to be part of a Ranger style group in our area to meet demand. In addition to this, I’ve had three new members come to the original group this term, and two new ones last term adding some new dynamics.

On the first meeting of the new group, I decided at the last minute to use what I call ‘Girlguiding Bingo’. It’s a variation on an icebreaker I’ve learned in another places.

I basically use Word to make a table with 9 ‘cells’ and fill them with different combinations of facts about a person. Some will be Girlguiding related, others just general interests, likes or dislikes. The idea is that they have to get up and go around the room and speak to people to find out if they fit any of the facts on their bingo sheet.

Some of the Girlguiding ‘facts’ I’ve used are:

-Someone who is a Young Leader

-Someone who helps at Rainbows/Brownies/Guides

-Someone who has been a Rainbow/Brownie/Guide (not everybody has)

-Someone who has been on an international camp

-Someone who has been to a national Senior Section event

-Someone who has carried the flag on Remembrance Sunday

-Someone who has performed in the Gang Show

-Someone who knows how to build a campfire

-Someone who has their Baden-Powell Award

-Someone who was in a different Guide unit than you

General interest ones might be:

-Someone who goes to dance classes

-Someone who doesn’t go to the same school as you

-Someone who plays a musical instrument

-Someone who is part of a sports team

-Someone who has been to France/Italy/Greece/USA (or whatever country you like!)

-Someone who likes celery

-Someone who likes the colour orange

-Someone who is an only child

-Someone who has an older brother

-Someone who loves to read

-Someone who likes manga

-Someone who likes One Direction

-Someone who likes Metallica

-Someone who is a vegetarian

…you get the idea.



I’ll then print these up. Usually when I’ve not done it in a rush like I did on this night, I’ll leave space for the girls to write names in each box.

The girls can’t use the same name more than once (if you have a big group) or twice (if you have a smaller group). The first girl to get someone for all the different boxes on her sheet calls ‘BINGO’.

It’s a useful way of people getting out of their comfort zones. I’ve found putting the things like ‘someone who came from a different Guide unit’ and ‘someone who goes to a different school’ and ‘someone who is older than you’ can help the girls mix a little bit more. Often conversations get going as they discover they have similar interests they weren’t aware of before, or are interested to find out more information about each other they might not have found out otherwise. It is how I found out that no one in the second sub group of the Senior Section help out at Rainbows! (At least two or three of the girls who meet in the first sub group are Rainbow Young Leaders).

Do you have any useful icebreaker activities you have used with your Senior Section units?


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