Dear Potential Volunteer living in Edinburgh…

Maybe you used to be part of Girlguiding a long time ago. Maybe you’ve never been part of it. Maybe you used to volunteer but moved to study or for a job and looking to get involved in your new community somehow.

Have you thought about volunteering with Girlguiding?

I won’t lie, this post is a partly selfish one, because I’m part of the leadership for three Girlguiding units and they are doing awesome things. But we need help! Two of my units run at the same time in two different buildings and I can’t clone myself  to be in two places at once. Three out of four of the leaders are currently studying at university, and one of us is a mum to three young children with a husband who is sometimes working away.

One is a Guide unit – and really we need a new Brownie unit to feed into us. There’s quite  the waiting list for Brownies.

The other two are Ranger units. They are lots of fun. Both groups are growing almost weekly. In fact every week since January I’ve had at least one new girl coming along to check it out. And I would hate for the opportunities to not be there…but that’s what will happen if we don’t get volunteers.

Girlguiding Edinburgh is holding an open evening next Monday 2nd March at their Headquarters at 33 Melville Street from 6-7 p.m. It’s a great chance to find out what volunteering opportunities are available through Girlguiding (as it doesn’t have to be about doing youth or children’s work – there are opportunites to help with admin, finance, social media and all sorts of stuff). There are more details about the event on the GG Edinburgh website here.

Please go along if you are interested – I’m sure you have something to contribute to the Guiding movement, and it’s so rewarding. I’ve made awesome friends, and have made great memories that will stay with me for a very long time to come. And I’m excited to make more friends and memories in the future too.


3 thoughts on “Dear Potential Volunteer living in Edinburgh…

  1. Great post! I hope you get some new volunteers. We’re hoping to set up a new Brownie pack down here in the Midlands, we have 15 six year olds waiting and only 5 Brownies turning ten this year so we’re going to have a real problem soon.

  2. Interesting to hear about it – I wasn’t aware of the event but will find out what I can do to help, as it’s selfish for those of us in the know to hog all the fun of being a Leader in Guiding . . .

    • I only discovered it by accident on twitter. It hasn’t been particularly advertised from what I can tell, but hopefully they’ve been advertising it through universities for Student Volunteers Week, and the Edinburgh Volunteer’s Centre and so on!

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