Happy Thinking Day 2015

Even in the nine years I wasn’t a member of The Guide Association (now Girlguiding UK), I still used to see the date of 22nd February on the calendar, smile and think ‘It’s Thinking Day’.

Thinking Day is a day when Guides and Girl Scouts all around the world think of their sisters all around the world. We express our thanks for the friendships made and the fact we have this international movement we are all part of.

The 22nd February was chosen by international members of Guiding many decades ago, because it is the birthday of both our founder, Robert Baden-Powell, and his wife, Olave Baden-Powell who was the first ever World Chief Guide.

My memories of Thinking Day as a Brownie were bring your pennies, which would be laid in the shape of the World Badge, and would be given to the World Thinking Day fund. We would often learn about the different names Brownies and Guides had in other countries, and learn about the cultures in the countries they lived in. There also used to be big Thinking Day events for all the Brownies in Edinburgh, and I remember it being the only time I got to see how many Brownies dressed in fawn and yellow lived in my home city! There were sooooo many of us!

I would love to see Thinking Day celebrations become a tradition in our county or at least Division. It’s tough as now half-term is a full week long, and always seems to hit on Thinking Day. Arrrggghh (darn you City of Edinburgh Council)!! But these days many of the Brownies, Guides and Senior Section I meet don’t know what Thinking Day is. And that’s a real shame.

For today, I’m just wearing my current promise badge, and this morning searched out all the previous ones I’ve held. I stuck my Brownie and Guide one on my old Young Leader badge tab that I got when I received my Baden-Powell Award and made my promise as a Young Leader (18 months later I made my Ranger Promise in London – back then there were two separate badges for Rangers and Young Leaders). Sadly, my Rainbow promise badge that I got in 1990-ish has disappeared into the ether of “lost things”.


I am super happy that next month I’ll be receiving my Leadership Qualifcation badge – as I finally got my confirmation that I had passed my LQ for Guides and Senior Section as a Unit Leader at the end of last month. I got a really lovely letter from the assessor for our county too, which I wasn’t expecting.

Next year it will be the 100th anniversary of the start of Rangers (now known as Senior Section) and I think it will also be the 90th Thinking Day. Wow. I might need to get planning…

But for now, I’ll just be thankful for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, all the opportunities it has brought me, everything I’ve learned from my fellow Guides and being part of the Guiding movement and proudly wear my promise badge.


Happy Thinking Day!


One thought on “Happy Thinking Day 2015

  1. Slight technicality – next year will be the 100th Birthday of Senior Section, but the 99th Birthday of Rangers – Cadets (forerunners of Young Leaders) started in 1916, Senior Guides (forerunners of Rangers) started in 1917. But whichever way you count it, it is going to be a big year for all members of Senior Section, whichever groupings they belong to within that heading!

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