Active Kids 2015 begins tomorrow

The Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme begins for 2015 TOMORROW.

Amazingly, for the first time EVER we’ve been sent a pack of stuff – an actual catalogue (no having to go through the website to write my list to give to the girls and trying to describe items to them…!), posters and even a box to assemble to collect vouchers in. I think we even have an envelope to send off our vouchers in!!!! I don’t know if everyone got one, or if it’s because for the last two years we didn’t get anything and had so many issues with putting in our order because we never received our ‘pack’ that this year they pre-empted my annual Active Kids vouchers tweets and e-mails to them.

Anyway, as I’ve not been in the supermarket for the last week, I’m glad they did as I didn’t realise it was starting this month.

If your group isn’t registered, you can sign up to Active Kids on their website. It IS worth doing (I think…even though the ordering part has caused me to wonder if it’s not worth the hassle each year).


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