Thank you event



A belated Happy New Year to you all!

Well, 2015 got off to an interesting start. There was a lot of sadness to begin the year with as two good friends and colleagues of mine faced bereavements. I finished my Christmas contracts and had to start a very dehumanising process with the Department of Work and Pensions. I had my final module to finish for university before I had a few weeks break until beginning my practice placement. So by 9th January I was going a little bit nutty with emotion, stress and upset.

Girlguiding Edinburgh had organised a huge event to thank all the Edinburgh volunteers at Murrayfield Stadium on that night. I was feeling sick with a nasty headache, had an essay that was far from finished due on the Monday, a funeral to go to the next morning…but Jo managed to get me out my house and to the stadium despite the rush to get there on time. Thankfully some of our friends from another Guide unit got there before us and saved us seats at their table (Thanks ladies! You rock!). In fact, we had a great time even if we were slightly rebellious and didn’t go to activities because it was just nice to spend some time socialising with each other, dressed up a little bit more than usual. (Certainly more dressed up than we are for Guide meetings in our jeans and Girlguiding hoodies!)

The night ended with an inspiring talk by mountaineer, Jamie Andrew, whose daughters are part of Girlguiding in Edinburgh.

It was a lovely way to begin a year of Girlguiding.

Especially as this coming term is going to be a busy one…


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