Christmas Market with the Rangers…

The first thing we did as a Ranger unit (after getting to know each other while we painted our nails) was look at the Girlguiding promise. I told them about how when I was a Ranger we’d gone on a trip to Girlguiding HQ in London as we were finalists in an environmental competition and while there each of us due to be enrolled got to choose a location in London of where we would make our promise.

We started in September, and in December our five members decided that they wanted to make their promise on the ferris wheel at the Highland Christmas Market in Edinburgh (we used to have a German one and a Highland one – this has since changed). I have video footage of the girls doing this, and it is quite hilarious, and I have promised that it will not be shown in the public domain. Last year six of them came with me (as poor Jenny was too sick to come with us with some nasty winter bug) to the new and more expensive Christmas Market and we went on the new ferris wheel (a lot less terrifying) and remade our promise because they wanted to make the new one. This year, we changed things up. The girls told us that they wanted to make the Christmas Market trip an annual tradition, and this year we changed it up, and we gave them an allowance and say they could use it to spend on whatever they wanted to do. Well. What seven out of nine girls wanted to do was ride on this…



For those of you not in the know, that’s the Edinburgh Skyride. Last year one of the seats broke mid air while someone was on it, and it landed in the middle of St Andrew’s Square. Jenny had done the risk assessments though, and I had noted they had improved the seating. I became designated bag lady and I warned them that if they puked they were to come nowhere near me (just as if they are bleeding, they shouldn’t go near Jenny!).  This thing basically spins round and round until it reaches the top next to the Walter Scott Monument. I took pictures of the girls (at their request, two other members also had the girls phones to get pictures for them too) and confess I had to turn away because it made me feel sick to watch it!!


What was funny that having taken them rock climbing, on the ferris wheel (twice), done hula hooping and a campfire or two which has occasionally brought us city blossoms interacting with some slimy wildlife (frogs, toads, slugs…) I’ve heard our many of girls squeal and scream more than once. And I realised that even tens (hundreds?) of feet in the air, I knew whose scream belonged to who! On the ground four of us stood looking up and then at each other going ‘That’s X!’ ‘Oh now Y is screaming too” “oh, I can hear Z“…

Despite the screaming, they all came off smiling and laughing. Two of them asked me ‘Did you hear us screaming?’ to which we all replied “YES!” and we went off in search of crepes, waffles, pretzels and hot drinks. (And no one got sick…phew!)

We ended the night hoping to reenact a picture from last year next to the famous Jenners Christmas tree, but discovered that Jenners had shut earlier than a lot of the high street stores currently open until 9 p.m. during the Christmas period so had to settle for doing it outside the store before a mad dash for our bus home.

More Senior Section memories made, and it was fun to try and fit our growing unit into another crazy selfie (might have to invest in one of those selfie stick things!)