Gang Show 2014

Gang Show week has hit Edinburgh!

There isn’t much to say, other than we took our Guides and Senior Section and didn’t lose anyone which I always deem as a success!

It was lovely to see my friend’s daughter having her last year in the Junior Gang as a Brownie – she was awesome as were all the Brownies.

I was also proud to see two of our Guides performing well, and even having a special part with their violins for one of the numbers.

But most of all I was proud of our girls as a whole. There was a group near us in the theatre who were rustling sweetie bags all through the first act which drove me and a few others totally nutty. We had said to the girls they could bring money for ice cream at the interval, or bring some sweets, but emphasised the need for the sweets not to be noisy!

All of our girls listened. Most of them had sweets and shared them around with each other before the show started and during the interval. A few had some sweets during the show but did it very quietly without disturbing others around them. I was so impressed by their consideration for others and also just in general the way they shared – I’d brought a couple of packets of vegetarian ‘Percy Pigs’ – our veggie Guide thanked me for choosing the ‘veggie’ ones so she could have some, and then when there was only one left at the interval, the girls split it into four so they could all have one – no fighting about the last one and obviously wanted it to be fair. It made me giggle that they’d spent the effort trying to share a single percy pig like that!

All of our parents were lovely about making sure we knew the girls were leaving with a parent too. I had e-mailed them all to explain this and our ‘checklist’ (if you’ve been to Edinburgh Gang Show you’ll understand the chaos of 100s of Scouts & Guides of all ages trying to be picked up in the city centre all at the same time by parents). We always have a ticklist of arrivals and departures so we know who is with us and who isn’t at all times. They were very gracious to come over so we saw they were picking up the girls and that we knew about it, so there were no freak outs about losing any girls or wondering where they had gone. Thank you awesome parents!!

Until next year…


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