Welcoming the start of a new year at Guides


The week before it was all about the planning. Taking the girls ideas and feedback they’d given us last term and working out how we could do it this term.

E-mails, phone calls, term programmes, A LOT of printing and some supply shopping…

…and on then it was time to put the uniform back on for our first Guide meeting of the new school year.


Our Young Leader is now an Adult Leader in Training, and officially made her promise at the end of last term. We weren’t sure if all the girls on our register would return, but all of them did. We’ve only got 12 Guides this year to start with, the Brownie unit that ‘feeds’ into our unit meets on a different night so we keep losing the graduated Brownies to a Guide unit that meets on the same night as them. We were also aware that some of the girls are hiting 14 (a few already have) and we’d noticed a couple of them beginning to show signs that they were feeling a bit ‘old’ for Guides, and others really not ready yet to move onto Senior Section.

So we put a plan to the older girls which they seem excited about – for the oldest Guides who are 14 or will turn 14 this term to be in their own Patrol. As  a Patrol they are going to work on activities that are still Guide activities but are more like the sort of things they would do as Rangers/Senior Section. The other great thing is that they all remember our newest Adult leader from when she was still a Guide and asked her lots of about Senior Section. I’ve basically told the girls to ask her when I’m not there so they know they aren’t getting biased answers. 😉

The only down point was when I mentioned that there was a new uniform – the words ‘there’s a new uniform you can now get in the Girlguiding shop‘ were barely out of my mouth before the girls who apparently have seen pictures of it started passionately yelling about it (not in a good way). Two of the girls have grown out of their uniform and were most upset when they heard they couldn’t get the old one anymore. I’m glad for those of you who have seen it in person and told me it looks better than it did in the pictures. I said that to them, told them it is a bit like the Senior Section one just different colours and that if still felt very strongly about it when they saw it in person they should give feedback to Girlguiding about what they’d like the uniform to be like.

(Have any other Guiders faced this negative feedback from their Guides? How are you dealing with it?)

We did our Unit Guidelines, the girls have given me more ideas for the coming year and were really happy to find out that we’ve managed to organise a request they made at the beginning of the calendar year – to learn First Aid. We’re super excited to have a volunteer instructor from British Red Cross coming to teach First Aid to the girls for 3 evenings later this term. We’re going to be tying this in with a night just before Remembrance Sunday about what Girl Guides did during the World Wars.

Next week the girls will choose their Patrol Leaders and Patrol Seconds and pick what Go For It, Challlenge or Badge they want to work on during Patrol Nights this term.

Meanwhile, I’m off to get more ink cartridges for my poor overworked printer…

The Guiding year has begun!



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