Harriet’s Army, Scouts and Guides in World War One

The other week, I was on a bus when I got the following message from a friend of mine (whose daughter happens to be a Brownie)

“Watch CBBC just now – Harriet’s Army about girl guides in WW1!”

It’s not often one of your adult friends tells you (a woman in her 30s) to watch a children’s TV programme, but having been so  inspired by reading a fantastic book last summer called How the Girl Guides Won The War by Janie HamptonI was intrigued.

A little research into the History of Guiding...

A little research into the History of Guiding…

A few days later, I was on BBC iPlayer watching the 3 part drama about Harriet and her friends.

In the story Harriet is kicked out of the Girl Guides for fighting, just before the war breaks out and the Scouts and Guides volunteer themselves to help with the war effort at home. It was great to see this part of history being told, as this is what really happened.

I really do recommend checking it out while it’s still on iPlayer, and there’s a special Harriet’s Army page on the CBBC website just now. There are also some great activities in the Summer 2014 edition of Girlguiding magazine to help your Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section understand the sorts of things Guides and Scouts experienced during the World Wars.

There are also a few Remembrance Day badges you can order for folks in your unit representing Girlguiding at Remembrance Sunday services on BadgeFreaks. I don’t know if there’ll be any kind of official badge from Girlguiding (if you know of one, please do leave details in the comments!)


2 thoughts on “Harriet’s Army, Scouts and Guides in World War One

  1. I watched the series on catch-up too, and recommended it to some fellow Guiding historians – wish there had been more publicity in Guiding circles, as it was really well done and the historical bits were pretty well spot on.

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