Where did the summer go?

I’m sure that the summer holidays are getting shorter. Or that time has been speeding up or something because I’m sure it was only last week that term ended and yet this week the kids in Edinburgh and Glasgow all went back to school. 

It’s been a fantastic summer with lots of free time to catch up with friends around Edinburgh, including my friend Holly. Holly used to be a Pippin leader in New Zealand and is now a Brownie Leader in England. Holly had never been to the Edinburgh Festivals before, so she came up for the last weekend of the school holidays. Raincoats are an unfortunate necessity for the Edinburgh Festival – with lots of time outdoors and the crowded streets and wind making umbrellas a poor choice of accessory. The only problem was that Holly’s raincoat is meant to be one you can pack away into one of the sleeves of the jacket and no one had been able to work out how to do it. 


As Holly says: ‘Sometimes all you need is a Guide leader’. 🙂

And yes, that’s possibly my proudest achievement all summer! I’m also an expert in getting sleeping bags back into stuff bags and clothes into rucksacks, and transporting band equipment into a Vauxhall Corsa. 

There’s also of course the announcement of the new Guide uniform that was made earlier this week which has been somewhat controversial. (Any other Girlguiding leaders find that their facebook feed exploded on Tuesday morning?) It’s not my opinion that really matters, as I won’t be wearing it. I’m pleased that they’ve made an effort to consult Guides, and I think the tops look great. The current (old?) Guide uniform I think was far too similar to the Adult leader uniform and several times I had parents thinking I was one of the Guides. I won’t lie, I think the skirt and dress aren’t great. The uniform design drawings made by Guides shown on Girlguiding twitter feed don’t really seem to resemble what has actually been produced. My other concern (which I can’t say for definite until I’ve seen the uniform in person) is that the material of the hoodies looks very thin. The old hoodie was already on the thin side and I worry the girls are going to freeze during the Guide meetings in the church hall which is on the cool side even in summer – never mind when we have to do things like stand at a Cenotaph on a frosty November morning! I have to wear a jumper underneath my leader hoodie to keep warm in winter already. And most of winter the Guides look like they aren’t in uniform because it’s simply not warm enough for them to wear. Hopefully though the hoodies will be all cosy and warm and my fears will be unfounded. 


One thought on “Where did the summer go?

  1. The new hoodies are apparently made of softshell fabric rather than sweatshirt. Softshell’s pretty warm and fairly windproof and used a lot in proper outdoors clothing but I’d like to have a feel of it for myself to see what it’s really like.

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