Chinese Raffle

I love when other leaders blog details on the activities they do in their meetings. It is SO HELPFUL! Kelloggsville was the first ‘Girlguiding’ blogs I found,  and one of the few Senior Section ones (most seem to be Brownie ones). She had posted about doing a ‘Chinese Raffle’ a month or two ago which is something I had never heard of. The girls hadn’t really planned much of this term – they were too preoccupied with exams in April, so aside from telling me they wanted to start a blog, hula hoop and yes they’d like a campfire…there have been gaps to be filled.

I posted Jenny the link and we set off for B&M stores to find some random things to wrap one Sunday afternoon before some of the Guide leaders met at her house for a potluck tea and then we quickly wrapped them before the other leaders arrived!


Our plan was to keep the idea as a surprise fun activity for the last meeting of term, because the girls have been exhausted lately from exams and also they’ve come so far this last year in all sorts of ways. We ended up with only a handful of the girls coming – three were away, but also had a visitor in the form of a Leader in training who is about to set up a Senior Section unit in another Division. Myself, Jenny and our Adult Leader in Training at Guides (also a member of Senior Section) had met her at First Response training back in April.

Our first 45 minutes of the meeting was spent being inundated with folders, record books and apologetically explaining the Leadership Qualification fiasco. We also had the leftovers from the Brownie Birthday tea party (we regularly end up being handed leftovers from Brownies, Guides and even Church elders meetings that meet just before or at the same time as us!) and popcorn to make. And I had laid out felt pens and a huge sheet of paper to get ideas from the girls about activities we can do next year as part of the Look Wider programme. Once we’d done that it was Chinese Raffle time!

The rules of Chinese Raffle are…no one knows what the gifts are. You sit in a circle and take turns rolling the dice. All the presents are put in the middle in a big pile. You can only have 3 wrapped gifts in your possession at any one time. Once you have unwrapped a gift you keep that gift and any remaining wrapped gifts in your possession go back in the centre pile and you stay out of the game until everyone else as unwrapped a gift as well. After everyone has wrapped one gift, everyone is back in play. You keep repeating this until you have no gifts left.

If you roll the dice and it lands on…

1 = put a gift back in the centre pile

2 = unwrap a gift you have in your possession

3 = steal an unwrapped gift from someone else

4 = pass one of your gifts to the right

5 = pass one of your gifts to the left

6 = take a gift from the centre pile

The girls had a laugh as sometimes they oohed at a gift someone unwrapped (like a cool journal or a nail art kit) and other times we were laughing (like a tin of Baked Beans or a Dolly the Princess washing up brush).

All in all, I think the girls enjoyed this activity (when the visiting Leader was asking them for suggestions about things she should do with her new group they said “things like this” and “popcorn*”).So it will likely be an activity we bring  back for a party or celebration in the future. I reckon it would also work well for Guides too. Especially as we’ve got our first member who has completed her Chief Guide Challenge! 🙂

*If you haven’t already worked out from previous posts about our Senior Section group, popcorn seems to have become an important factor of their meetings. When a couple of our girls visited a group of Guides to tell them about Senior Section and the Guides asked what Senior Section do, our girls replied “We eat popcorn”. It also seemed to be the main activity talked about to our newest member by two of our girls when they were encouraging her  to come along to our unit once she turned 14. If anyone from Girlguiding HQ or any parents are reading this, I promise you that we do more than just eat popcorn.


2 thoughts on “Chinese Raffle

  1. Ooh, I remember thinking when I first read KV’s post what a good idea a Chinese Raffle is. Now I’m considering doing it at Guides next week, as it’s our Young Leader’s last night and we’ll have time to fill…

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