My Look Wider badge box…

Ok. I just caught wind that Girlguiding are doing a consultation about the Senior Section programme. I’m not a happy camper, but we JUST got into our groove with the current one and it seems to be working quite well!  And I’d like to insert a rant right here about the fact that none of their focus groups are in Wales or Scotland Hello? Are the Welsh and Scottish Girlguiding members not part of this organisation too? Not cool Girlguiding, not cool.

ANYWAY, back to being in our groove…a good number of our girls have been trying out activities inside and outside of meetings and are beginning to complete octants. Some are pretty darned close to finishing their Chief Guide too. So while I was with a friend in Ikea, I kept a lookout for the tubs I’ve used for birthday candles as I thought they’d be good for keeping badges in – better than the paper bags I currently have that easily get lost in the bags filled with Senior Section stuff!

I found the tubs eventually (a tip off from a friend sitting in the café feeding her baby who said there was a ‘Children’s bit’ just next to the cafe that looked like it might have the things I was looking for) but ended up finding something much better!


This tub called ‘Glis’ (I think) is advertised as being a great pencil box, but comes with these plastic dividers you can add in. A maximum of six which makes for 9 ‘sections’ of the box. PERFECT for Look Wider with its eight octant badges. And then I have a ninth one for the promise badges.



I also got a small plastic storage box to keep the certificates, Look Wider Record books and the Young Leadership Qualification packs in. I also got a big roll of drawing paper for £3 which I hope we can use to help with term planning after one of the leaders on the Senior Section Leaders facebook group said they used a white board or flip chart to help write dates for term. We don’t have a white board, but figure that this paper roll could be mounted on wall or table with blu tac during planning meeting so everyone can see the ideas and dates easily.



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