Local community events


The other weekend, I got to help out on the Girlguiding stall at our local fair. The fair only happens every two years, and the previous time I couldn’t go due to the fact it was the Jubilee bank holiday weekend which my work used as an opportunity for painting our centre with help from a Royal Bank of Scotland community action team.

One of things I want to encourage is to get the girls involved with these things. I think it’s great for them to see that we trust them and believe them capable, plus it’s great for the community to see that Girlguiding is something young people do want to be part of. I had one mother and her twelve year old daughter come up to our stall about 20 minutes after the fair opened interested to know if she could be part of a Guide unit and explained the things she could do and how she could find the nearest one in our area.


Two members of the Senior Section unit I run were also helping on the stall too. They. Kicked. Butt. (Am I allowed to say that?) They were out there in front of the stall selling tombola tickets and holding that teddy asking people to guess its birthday! I think they had fun doing it too. A number of my Guides came past while I was there, every single one stopped to speak to me and say hello and got chatting with the girls from Senior Section. This encouraged me as I hope it will mean that they feel more comfortable when the time comes to move up to Senior Section if they want to continue in Girlguiding once they feel ‘too old’ for Guides.

I love seeing us coming together from our different units, having a laugh, raising funds and creating awareness of what Girlguiding does and can do in the local community.

I just hope we can do more of this kind of thing in the future!




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