Ready, steady, Glasgow: champions challenge

Continuing with the Commonwealth Games Challenge pack, we moved onto the last section: the Champion’s Challenge. A lot of the activities required getting equipment we simply don’t have access to and a lot of organisation that sadly all of us leaders didn’t have the time for. So we decided to try out some of the activities we could do, adapting some things to the equipment we did have available. Like we created targets for a beanbag throw using coloured sacks we have from a sports day kit, cones and poles from equipment we got last year with our Active Kids Vouchers.


The picture above was of the swimming challenge, which took us a while to understand the instructions for. Even then I’m not sure we did. But how we interpreted it the girls lay head to toe on the floor making a chain and as soon as they were all in position the girl at the end would jump up, run to the other end of the chain and lie in front of it, and the new ‘end person’ would do the same until gradually their chain moved from one side of the room to the other…


It was confusing, then fun, then as some girls lost enthusiasm the effort to do the lengths of the room wained. We tried out several of the activities, and because the girls had spotted some spacehoppers I’d donated to the unit (leftover from a birthday party I hosted recently) they asked if we could use them. So we set up a spacehop relay where teams of girls travelled on spacehoppers from one side of the room around a cone marker and back. They had so much fun doing that because of all the laughs falling off, seeing different techniques for bouncing (it’s surprisingly difficult to bounce to travel in one direction as opposed to just bouncing on the spot) and really got into cheering one another on.

We voted at the end to see what the girls would like to do as a fundraiser, and…

They’ve decided to do a sponsored spacehop relay next week to raise money for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and Girlguiding Edinburgh.

Although it’s not really what is recommended by the pack I’d rather do something that gets them feeling positive about being active rather than making them do something that 1. not everyone has the capability of doing (not all the girls have a bike or are able to swim) or 2. they find boring 3. most of the girls don’t want to do it.



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