Campfires are about to burn…

It’s getting into Campfire season, and we have two campfires planned. Camping was a huge part of my life as a Guide as a member of the Leith Division. Our Division had camps that Guides from all the units were welcome to participate in twice a year at Trefoil (a field on a slope not far from Edinburgh Airport that had a block of toilets as it’s only real set of amenities). The camps usually simultaneously had a patrol camp in one field (patrols had to do their own cooking), a company camp in the next (where cooking was done centrally) and sometimes a third field for anyone doing their Guide Camp Permit.

As neither myself or the other Guide leaders I’ve worked with have their Holiday License and our Division doesn’t have the awesome Leith tradition of Division run camps we have so far had to make do with campfires which have become an annual end of term tradition since I joined the unit.

I’m also now part of an Edinburgh county team to help teach other leaders campfire songs – I discovered last year while our unit was doing ‘Camp Out’ Go For It that the girls loved doing pretend campfires in the hall. One time I had to help at a unit last minute because the leader got sick and I had no activity for them so I just did pretend campfire and some games which they loved (I ended up being asked to help them with a campfire night a month or so later).

I’ve since put together a songbook of all the songs I could remember doing as a Brownie, Guide and Ranger, and am going to try over the coming weeks to post them online for you on ‘Campfire Sundays’.

Watch this space!


3 thoughts on “Campfires are about to burn…

  1. A county team to teach other leaders songs – that’s a great idea! How did it get started, and how do you do it – do you have events for leaders to come to, or go to their meetings? I’m a big fan of sharing the singing love 🙂

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