Hula girls


Every term we try and get the girls to tell us what we would like to do, and collectively we try to find out if and how we can make it happen. When we first started almost two years ago, the girls weren’t sure what they could or should be doing, and it took me a while to figure out what the whole Senior Section CD rom was all about until they finally ran a Senior Section leaders training in our county.

(Anyone else find that events and training for senior section leaders are as rare as I don’t know…a working tram with people on it in Edinburgh?)

I now try to encourage the girls when they get stuck for ideas or can’t decide on something as a group to take into consideration the Look Wider programme. Last summer I made them folders so it would be clearer for them and so they could take it to music teachers, dance teachers, netball coaches and so on to get signed off. Most of the girls still love having something to work for and I think all of them like getting badges even if they may not readily admit that…!

One of our members has a sister who does hula hooping, and she spoke to her to see if she’d be willing to come and give us all a lesson. She was and last night she brought her music and a selection of hula hoops and set about teaching us how to hula hoop in all sorts of ways. Walking with them, swinging around our heads, turning, different stances, limbo hooping…

It was great fun. At first the girls were self conscious, protesting at me taking any photos for our scrapbooks…but soon they were at ease as we all together tried it out and experimented. And we all laughed with each other, and cheered one another on as we began to master a few skills. I’ll confess that I almost took out the other leader (sorry Jenny), the instructor (sorry Kim), the girl who is a young leader with our guides (sorry) and the daughter of my friend who is a local Brownie leader (sorry). I’d love to say this was on purpose so the other girls wouldn’t feel intimidated by their leaders masterful hooping skills, but that would be the be a huge fat lie. My main skill seemed to be feeling so shocked that I’d managed to do it then promptly letting the hoop fly across the church hall at high speed.


All in all, we had a great laugh and it was fun to try something a bit different.

And several girls have now got another Phase 1 activity to be signed off for their Fit for Life octant/Chief Guide challenge! Bonus!


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