Growing Guiding with Easter Bunnies

At the moment, we have five out of seven of our Rangers who are also young leaders working on leadership qualifications. All of them are also working their way through the Look Wider programme with the aim of trying to earn their Chief Guide Challenge award.

As we plan our programme, we’ve been trying to arrange things which they can count towards various octants. With the aim of accomplishing something on Module 1 of the LQ, they decided they wanted to organise an easter egg hunt for a Brownie Unit a few of the girls volunteer with. This unit is smaller than most of the units in the area, so we suggested that we could get each of the Brownies to invite a friend along. The Brownie leaders also arranged it so some of the about to be graduating Rainbows had that night as their Brownie visit.

The first stage was the planning.

The girls decided they wanted to have an easter egg hunt, sing songs, have some games and maybe get the girls to colour in easter pictures. They also decided all of us should dress up as easter bunnies.

(They know how much I don’t like to dress up)

Each of the Rangers was then tasked with something to do – researching costs on easter eggs that would meet dietary requirements, finding out about where we could procure bunny ears, locating suitable pictures to colour in and so on.

Two weeks before the event the girls made invitations themselves to give to the Brownies to pass onto one friend each…

Easter Invitations

And then two weeks later we turned up with hats, wellies, buckets, plastic cups to hide easter eggs and chicks in, colouring pictures and…our bunny ears…


Jenny had even made some pom pom bunny tails for us!


The girls did a fabulous job of running the whole night. The Brownie leaders led the girls in some songs in a pretend campfire while we waited for some latecomers and then the games began! We had an easter egg hunt, where we decided the girls would give us what they found so it could be shared equally between all the girls – one older Brownie got very competitive but the Rangers were great at explaining about how we treat each other as Guides and share what we have (I’d also add it was the Rangers suggestion to collect and then share it all out – I was thinking it but they voiced it to me). I was so impressed with how the Rangers conducted themselves and had loads of fun with the Brownies.

Going back to my question about encouraging girls up through the Sections, I think events like this are great as the girls get to meet the ‘older ones’ – and they look up to them, and see the sorts of things that they might get to do if they stay in Guiding. Everyone had a great night, and the Brownie Leaders sent me a message saying how much they enjoyed having the Rangers along and ‘running Brownies for a night’.

We deliberately planned a pizza party for the Rangers after so they could chill out while planning their programme for next term – and I’d got some easter crackers I’d found in Poundland and each a little Lindt bunny (and a plastic egg filled with jellybeans for our dairy-free Ranger who can’t have chocolate). Trying to plan was  challenge as after a day of school and not much time before the Brownie Easter party in between meant they were super tired easter bunnies.

After the Easter holidays, all but one of the girls will be straight into their Nationals/Highers/Advanced Highers exams. Last year they all used our meetings as a goal for chilling and having a night off from studying. We’ll be working out how we can best support them through what is often a stressful period each year – and looking forward to May when they’ll be done!

Have your units done anything to help with growing guiding? Please do share…


Moving on up

You know when you want to write a post, and then another fantastic blogger writes exactly what you’d want to write. Only more eloquently?

Well that’s what has happened today. There’s a great post on Kelloggsville’s A Guiding Life blog about moving Guides up to Senior Section which I couldn’t agree with more.

What do you think we can do as leaders to help girls be more comfortable and confident moving up to the next section of Girlguiding? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Searching for pen friends!

One of the things our Senior Section girls would like to do is exchange ‘real’ mail with a unit in a country outside of the UK.

We have a group of 7 girls aged between 14-19 at the moment.

If you are a group connected with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the same age, please do get in touch with us. If you leave a comment, I’ll get one of the girls who has been nominated to coordinating the penfriend finding to e-mail you.

We’ll send you awesome things in the post! I promise!


Letters and noticeboards

A year or so ago, we decided to take ownership of the noticeboard designated to our Guide unit in the church hall. We wanted to be able to show the other members of the community how awesome our Guides are in all they do, and we wanted the Guides to have pride in it too. People kept putting things on our noticeboard, so we decided to be more organised about things. So one of the leaders found letters you could print off and use for classroom displays (just google ‘printable display letters’ and you’ll get some websites that give free downloads).

We then give each of the guides some letters/numbers to colour in. They were allowed to do this in whatever way they liked. Some had it all about colours or patterns. Others chose to make letters into animals relating to their patrol (can you spot the penguin there?)


We had to redo them this year as (we suspect) a Taekwondo class had been causing our letters to fly off the board as they did their warm ups. Many letters disappeared, so this time we decided we’d laminate the letters. This we did with only one minor disaster when two letters got sucked into the laminating machine and we had to borrow a screwdriver from the pub next door (!) to take the machine apart and rescue them. Our young leader did an awesome job in creating replacement letters and I had to apologise profusely to the 2 guides whose letters had been eaten by the laminator. Thankfully they had made other letters too so they still had a contribution undestroyed!


This time we decided to pin them rather than use white tack, and I’m happy to say that it’s been over a month and all our letters remain in place. Hurrah!