Planning a term

We have been trying to come up with ways to get the girls to have more input in our programme planning. This term we had not been able to have a planning meeting before the term started, so I confess this was a last minute thing that I put together on the first night of Guides.


I gave each patrol a sheet of paper so each of them could put forward an idea for a trip and an idea for fundraising (as we promised we would do some fundraising for the Girlguiding Archives after they lent us some fantastic stuff for our Girlguiding Museum of sorts while doing the Traditions of Guiding badge last term). I also put some ideas of what they would prefer to do during meetings…

From this we discovered they really wanted to have a patrol run theme night again (see last post for one way this turned out), and some wanted to do Go For Its, others badges. Another thing some of them have expressed an interest in is learning First Aid. So we are now looking into how we can do this as a unit after Easter.

At the moment I am in Germany, so I missed this week’s patrol run theme night, but from pictures I have deduced that the girls had a bit of a Thinking Day theme having seen a photo of one of the girls wrapped in toilet roll to look at the country of Egypt which is the message I received via Whats App from the other leader when I arrived at the university here in Würzburg the morning after Guides night.


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