Sainsbury’s Active Kids Scheme

Last year, we got on board with Active Kids voucher collecting. I’d tried to find out about it in 2012 and not really succeeded, but in 2013 as soon as I saw the vouchers appearing I was on the internet getting us registered!

I’ve collected vouchers for years. A few of my friends are teachers, after school club workers and one used to be a Beaver Scout leader so there was always a group to collect them for. Over time a few of my friends give me vouchers knowing I would have a group to pass them onto! In 2013 though, more stepped up to help collect for our Unit.

Active Kids Vouchers 2013

The power of social media meant that I could say thank you and keep friends updated – several friends posted me vouchers after they’d finished collecting, and our unit was so grateful. We ended up with over 1000 vouchers, and on the last night of term, I’d copied down what we could get with our vouchers and how many vouchers each item would cost. The girls then took this and by the end of the night gave me their ‘shopping list’. We felt it was important they decided, and they did this with very little input from the leaders.

It was a good month or so into the term that a package arrived at my house. In fact I think it arrived at my neighbour’s house as I was at work the day it was delivered…


We got some training tracks, hurdles, a ball pump and two dodgeballs. I did add a kitchen timer to the list (as it required hardly any vouchers and we had some leftover) because the girls cook a lot and have a habit of forgetting to remember how long they’ve had the oven on for. The girls like making obstacle courses and creating new team games, so I hope that over the next few years we can take care of what we’ve got and add to it by collecting more vouchers.

I’d really encourage anyone who’s not done this to get involved either by registering their unit, district or division with Active Kids and get  collecting, or make an effort to collect vouchers and give them in to a group who will use them. It’s starting up again soon and you can find out more about how your Guide Unit can be involved here.

A wee tip – always ask the person at the till if they have any spare vouchers. Some staff will keep aside vouchers not claimed by customers to give to the next person who is collecting. All they can say is ‘No’…but I’ve often got extra vouchers this way, and sometimes people in front of me in the queue will give me their vouchers too.


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