Hello 2014, Senior Section has welcomed you!

20140108-232324.jpgTonight was our first meeting of Senior Section in 2014 and we began with one of our members turning Sweet Sixteen.

Two of the girls were on birthday cake duty  as part of the Look Wider programme. Because we all know that the ability to make a cupcake is a very important life skill. 😉

I started the tradition of making sure we had cakes and candles to celebrate all of our birthdays right at the beginning of setting up our unit. At first I always made the cupcakes – I wasn’t juggling work AND university back then so it was easier. Now the girls are starting to take responsibility for bringing the cakes  which I really appreciate. Jenny (my partner in senior section leadership crime!) has always brought some kick ass baking to the mix as well. I always bring my birthday candle box (which you can see in the left hand corner of the photo). We try to do this at the meeting closest to their birthdays (so anyone who has a birthday that occurs during a school holiday still gets it celebrated even if it’s a bit early or late). I suppose this is just a personal value I’ve brought from my own life where I like to show people that we’re happy they were born and now part of our lives! We stick candles in the cupcakes, sing happy birthday, blow them out and then eat them – the cakes that is, not the candles.

I was also really pleased to hear that two of our girls have started part-time jobs. Several of the older girls who are close to leaving high school had asked for advice in hunting for jobs, and I’ve offered to be a reference for them and been e-mailing them details of any job I’ve seen advertised. We’ve offered encouragement too I hope as they’ve talked of their struggle to find work experience placements, places willing to take on school age teens and so on. One girl I did her reference, the other girl got a job that I’d seen advertised and let them know about it months ago – and they finally got back to the girls who had sent in their CVs. I’m so proud of them for keeping at it, and know that they’ll be assets to their employers. Plus the hours of job searching and learning how to fill in applications and write their CVs has gone towards their Independent Living octant!

At our next meeting we’ve got THREE birthdays to celebrate, and we’ve got a friend of mine coming to talk to them about the work of our local Food Bank.

We’re also waiting to hear back from a guiding unit in Australia who we hope want to be pen pals with us, and we were thinking about what sort of things we could send them with the letters. One of our girls has completely taken on the task of organising the contact (again, for part of Look Wider – the ‘International‘ octant) and is doing a great job. We’re hoping the delay is because they might be on summer holiday at the moment and it isn’t that they don’t want to be pen friends with us. 🙂

After 3 rubbish days at work and uni, I’m so glad that the first day back in guiding has gone so well! Phew. Guides next Monday…


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