Spring 2014 bucket list for Senior Section…

Our unit has rocked in 2013. In September 2012, we began with 5 girls. 3 came straight from Guides, the other 2 came after having been away from Girlguiding for 8 months after leaving Guides with nothing to go on to.

By the next summer, we had all 5 girls still there, plus 2 more who had moved up from Guides having completed their Baden-Powell Awards.

In the first term, we did work every second meeting doing activities looking at the Guide Promise and what it meant to apply it. The other meetings the girls chose activities they wanted to do which included a film night and doing their promise on the Ferris Wheel at our city’s Christmas Market.

Here are some of the things we’ve done since…

…a onesie party (a great way to destress during exam leave)

…smoothie night

…making collages on women who inspire us for International Women’s Day

…visited a local Guide unit to tell them about Senior Section

…had our Young Leader advisor visit to tell us more about the leadership qualification

…several took part in performing in the Girlguiding Edinburgh County Show

…tried out Pilates

…made our own pizzas

…gone rock climbing

…learned and made lanterns to celebrate Diwali

The girls are a great bunch. Our newest member wants to become  a Young Leader, but sadly I’ve struggled to find her a unit to volunteer with on the day she is free. They already have next term planned and this is what they hope to do:

…start a blog

…become pen pals with Girl Guiding members in another country

…find out about our local food bank with a view to fundraising for it

…run an easter egg hunt for a local Brownie unit

After that it will be the Easter holidays and most of the girls will be on exam leaves sitting their various exams (the Scottish education system has changed again unfortunately creating a lot of stress and confusion to what qualifications the girls will end up with who are essentially guinea pigs for the new set of qualifications replacing Standard Grades).


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